To widgetize or not to widgetize

Widget is a good thing.

Widgets are things you can put in your WordPress blog’s sidebar without knowing how to edit a web page.

As it said, it’s good to have a widgetized sidebar if you don’t know how to edit a web page. But let’s see:

A developer said:

  1. Widget creates additional process on the server, no matter how efficient the code is.
  2. Developing a widgetized sidebar element takes much longer time than hardcoding it.
  3. There’s no way a widget can integrate smoothly into all available WordPress themes.

While from a user’s point of view:

  1. It’s nice that I can edit my sidebar from within the admin section.
  2. Almost all of the widgets I downloaded, doesn’t display correctly on my custom theme.
  3. Widgets, no matter how small, puts more burden to the server.

Is widget really necessary?

If you ask me, no! (at least for now)

  • Unless I need to rearrange my sidebar elements everyday, it’s easier to do it directly on the template file.
  • Even if I develop a sidebar by the standards, most widgets will still need some (code) adjustments before it can displayed correctly.

I’m not saying that widgets are bad. In fact, I love technological improvements like this that can make people’s life easier. But for now, I don’t go with it.

It takes a minute to rearrange sidebar elements. Takes less than an hour to do structural or formatting changes. But it could take hours to develop a widgetized sidebar element, just to make its formattings and structure editable from the admin section.

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